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Outdoor Bath Kit

Natural Outdoor Bath Kit

All natural, earth friendly products to help clean as well as deter annoying insects while enjoying the outdoors. Great for hiking, backpacking, camping, biking, hunting, and fishing.

Kit Contains:

Bug Repellent Soap – Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Ground Yucca Powder, Moroccan clay, Essential Oils (geranium, lavender, eucalyptus, citronella, lemon, rosemary)

Bug Repellent Spray – Distilled Water, Alcohol, Olive Oil, Liquid Lecithin, Wheat Germ Oil, Yucca Tea, Essential Oils (Lavender, Lemon Eucalyptus, Citronella, Rose Geranium, Peppermint, Rosemary)

Liquid Hand Sanitizer – For the times when there isn’t extra water for rinsing. Aloe vera gel, Alcohol, Essential Oils (cedarwood, orange, peppermint)

Sun Blocking Lip Balm – Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Ground Yucca Powder, Zinc Oxide Powder

Retail Price:     $22.00     Buy Now

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Natural Foot Care Kit

Natural Foot Care Kit

All natural foot care products to gently clean and exfoliate tough soles and freshen sweaty odorous feet.

Kit Contains:
Exfoliating Foot Scrub, Special Foot Scrub Brush, Natural Anti-Fungal Foot Powder, Pumice Stone, Anti-Bacterial Soap (in protective soap box).

Foot Scrub – Epsom Salts, Coconut Oil, Yucca Power, Essential Oils (Tea Tree, Peppermint).

Foot Powder – Corn Starch, Baking Powder, Essential Oils (Tea Tree, Peppermint, Eucalyptus). 

Anti-Bacterial Soap – Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Ground Yucca Powder, Essential Oils (lavedin, sage, rosemary, and ylang ylang).

Retail Price:     $30.00     Buy Now

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Snake Oil Kit

Snake Repellent Oil Blend Kit

The oil blend is based on scientific research and the oils are known to be irritants to snakes. When the oil is placed in areas where snakes may venture, the oil will be an annoying substance that will drive snakes from the area. This snake repellent will not kill snakes, it only makes them want to pack their bags and leave. All holes and hiding places around the home, and out buildings, should be treated with this Snake Repellent Oil Blend Kit.

Kit Contains: snake repellent oil blend, eye dropper, nitrile gloves, and cotton balls. 

Retail Price:      $8.50     Buy Now

This specific kit is designed for residential use. Larger kits can be provided to Park and Recreation Departments, Land Developers, and Military Bases. Contact Us to discuss larger kits.

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Natural Yucca Products

Snake Repellent Concentrate Spray Kit

Use where there are more holes, gaps, and cavities for snakes to slither into. The concentrated oil blend is formulated to mix with water. A refillable spray bottle is included in the kit and there is enough concentrate to make several bottles of the snake repellent solution.

Kit Contains: 2 oz bottle of concentrated oil blend and a 16 oz refillable spray bottle.

Retail Price:     $13.00     Buy Now

As with our Snake Repellent Oil Blend Kit, this kit is also made for the home owner and small property use. However, we can make larger batches for military use, home owner associations, golf courses, and federal, state, or city parks. To learn more about larger batches of our natural snake repellents Contact Us.

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