Pets-n-Pests earth friendly natural products designed for the loving care of your best friend, or for repelling those pests you don’t love.



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Dog Soap


Dog Soap – Environmentally, earth friendly soap that is gentle on your dog. This natural soap can be used outdoors to bathe your dog in the yard, or at the camp site before returning home.

Bar size: 4 oz.     $5.50     Buy Now

Our Bug and Snake Repellents are only repellents. They will not kill insects, or snakes. With so many species of each, the bug and snake repellents were designed to repel most, but obviously nothing effects every specie the same way. Each product is made with yucca and other natural ingredients that are environmentally safe.

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Bug Repellent


Natural Bug Repellent Spray – Our DEET-free bug spray contains 6 essential oils known for being naturally effective insect repellents. This natural bug / insect repellent is healthy and environmentally safe for the outdoor person. There is no water, or other fillers, in this concentrated product, so a little goes a long way.

Spray bottle, 2 oz.      $6.00      Buy Now

Bug Repellent Spray is also included in the Outdoors Gift Box and the Out Door Bath Kit.

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Snake Repellent Oil Blend


Snake Repellent Oil Blend – Earth friendly natural ingredients that won’t kill snakes. This repellent is an irritant to snakes, which encourages snakes to leave an area. This is an effective formula based on credible scientific research.

Bottle ½ oz (15ml) with an eyedropper.     $6.00     Buy Now

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Snake Repellent Kit

Snake Repellent Oil Blend Kit – A method to keep snakes out of holes and hiding places.
Kit Contains the snake repellent oil blend listed above, along with nitrile gloves and cotton balls for a convenient kit. The cotton balls, with 3-5 drops of the Oil Blend, are placed in areas where snakes may want to venture.

$8.50     Buy Now

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Snake Repellent Spray Kit


Snake Repellent Concentrate Spray Kit – For repelling snakes in larger areas. A concentrated version of our snake repellent oil blend that can be mixed in a refillable spray bottle (included). The 2 ounce concentrate is enough to provide a mixture for several applications.

$13.00     Buy Now


As a company that has a passion for making natural products, we wanted to include more than just the bath and body products. Many people who enjoy a healthier lifestyle have dogs and enjoy spending time outside of their main four walls. The Pets-n-Pests natural products are part of the expansion and will compliment the lifestyle of those who use our other natural products.

When you have questions about the Pets-n-Pests natural products (or any of our products), don’t hesitate to contact us.

We have some great new animal care products coming soon. These are natural products that are very effective and both you and your animals will love – so check back soon.

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Pets-n-Pests products can be purchased individually at the retail pricing. They can also be bought in quantities at wholesale pricing for qualified businesses. Private labeling is also available for wholesale accounts.