What is Yucca?

The yucca plant is similar to aloe vera and other cactus species. It grows in the southwest United States and in Mexico. The yucca plant has been used for hundreds of years to make soaps, shampoos, used for wound care, and for medicinal purposes. Modern science has studied the plant and found it provides a number of healthy benefits.

A few years ago red wine became very popular because a natural ingredient in the red wine is Resveratrol. Resveratrol is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-aging product. The problem is with red wine it would pass through the body before the body could absorb and benefit from the resveratrol. Science has found a better alternative to consuming resveratrol is to apply it topically.

Yucca contains resveratrol. During our research into yucca plant and resveratrol we have discovered there are numerous benefits and since topical applications are the best method for the body to absorb and use the resveratrol, we created this line of bath, body, and skin care products. Earth friendly and healthy products that can be applied from head to toe allows a person multiple ways to introduce their skin to the naturally healthy benefits of yucca.

What is better to add to natural bath, body, and skin care products, than something that has so many healthy elements?

Yucca – Nature’s Healthy Treasure from the Desert

The Benefits of Yucca

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