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Experience our great body and skin care products made fresh with all natural ingredients that pamper and protect your skin. Our products are great for your skin and earth-friendly too. Look great and feel great – Naturally.

Lavender, Body Mist, 2 oz, yucca,,

Lavender Body Mist


Lavender Body Mist

All over body spray containing lavender. Easy to apply moisturizing spray that absorbs in seconds. Vitamin E rich sunflower and grapeseed oils that leave your skin soft not greasy.

2 oz. Spray Bottle       $5.00     Buy Now

8 oz. Spray Bottle     $12.00     Buy Now

Itch Relief, natural, yucca,

Itch Relief


Itch Relief

Soothing your itch with the benefit of anti-inflammatory yucca. All natural relief.

2 oz.     Bottle $3.50     Buy Now

Liquid Hand Sanitizer, yucca,

Liquid Hand Sanitizer


Liquid Hand Sanitizer

Bottled natural cleanliness for the times you need to clean your hands, but don’t have immediate access to running water for lathering and rinsing. This product is also included in our Outdoor Bath Kit.

2 oz.     Bottle $6.00     Buy Now

Spray Hand Sanitizer, yucca, resveratrol,

Spray Hand Sanitizer


Spray Hand Sanitizer

Convenient spray bottle for sanitizing hands naturally without water.

2 oz. Spray Bottle     $7.00     Buy Now

Natural, Foot Scrub, yucca,

Natural Foot Scrub


Foot Scrub

More than the standard foot scrubs. This foot scrub includes natural ingredients to kill bacteria to leave your feet feeling tingly fresh.

6 oz. Jar     $6.00      Buy Now

Foot Powder, anti-fungal, yucca, resveratrol,

Foot Powder – Anti-Fungal


Foot Powder

An anti-fungal powder for helping your feet fight foot odor and absorb moisture after enjoying the refreshing foot scrub.

4 oz. Jar     $6.00     Buy Now


Foot Care Kit, natural, yucca,, foot pwder, foot scrub,

Foot Care Kit

Natural Foot Care Kit

All natural foot care products to gently clean and exfoliate tough soles and freshen sweaty odorous feet.

Kit Includes: Exfoliating Foot Scrub, Special Foot Scrub Brush, Natural Anti-Fungal Foot Powder, Pumice Stone, and Anti-Bacterial Soap in protective soap box. Assembled in travel pouch.

$30.00     Buy Now




Outdoor Bath Kit, natural ingredients, yucca,

Outdoor Bath Kit

Outdoor Bath Kit

All natural, earth friendly products to help clean as well as deter annoying insects while enjoying the great outdoors. Perfect kit for hiking, backpacking, camping, biking, hunting, and fishing.

Kit Contains: Bug Repellent Bar Soap, Bug Repellent Spray, Liquid Hand Sanitizer, and Sun Blocking Lip Balm. Assembled in a convenient travel pouch.

$22.00     Buy Now



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