Terms and Conditions for Wholesale Purchases

Terms Conditions Wholesale

Thank you for buying from Natural Yucca Products. We intend for our products to satisfy our customer’s expectations.

All products are created with care and Natural Yucca Soaps are handcrafted – meaning they are hand poured into molds and are not injected into high pressure molds such as the commercial products are. With handcrafted soaps, there is usually a “rough edge.” Some soap makers will try and hide the rough edge with salts, or other topical decoration. Whether obvious or hidden, know that a rough edge is an indicator of a real-handcrafted soap.

Soap Making Process – Handcrafted soaps can take up to 2 weeks to cure before they are ready for packaging. During this 2-week period depending on the natural environment, humidity will increase or decrease the drying time. Depending on the humidity during this period some soaps may create a slight haze on the surface. This does not affect how effective the soap will be. It is once again just an indicator of the handcrafted soap.

Natural Bug and Snake Repellent products will repel some species, but we do not guarantee our products will repel all species. The repellents will not kill, they are formulated to only repel.

Wholesale Application – Contact Us and request an application be e-mailed to you. Wholesale accounts are only for businesses with EIN and/or Resale numbers available.

Terms Conditions Wholesale


All wholesale purchases from Natural Yucca Products must be paid by credit card, or PayPal Invoice, at the time of ordering. Natural Yucca Products does not provide credit terms.


Wholesale purchase terms and conditions of returning product to Natural Yucca Products.

We understand that no company can please everybody 100% of the time. Therefore, if you need to return a product:

1. Within 15 days of purchase, we require an e-mail notice of intent to return a product, along with an explanation for the reason of the return, what you did not like about the product, or how we can improve the product and your experience. Send your e-mail to admin@naturalyuccaproducts.com
2. The product must be received by us no later than 30 days from the date of purchase.
3. We will refund the product purchase price paid after coupons, or discounts.
4. We do not refund shipping.
5. We do not refund Private Labeled products.