Natural Soap

Natural yucca soaps contain yucca plant along with other natural ingredients to create wonderfully healthy soaps. Learn about the benefits of yucca.

We make an assortment of handcrafted soaps to indulge a variety of skin conditions. Natural soaps for sensitive skin, eczema/psoriasis, oily/acne skin, great fragrances or no fragrance.



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Anti-Bacterial Natural Soap


Anti-bacterial Soap – tough on germs

All-natural anti-bacterial soap contains nature’s powerhouse essential oils that are tough on germs while pampering the skin.

4 oz. Bar     $9.50     Buy Now

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Bug Repellent Natural Soap


Bug Repellent Soap – for outdoor time

Along with yucca this bug repellent contains essential oils including Rose Geranium, Citronella, and Lemon Eucalyptus known for their natural ability to repel insects. Use before going outdoors. Can also be dry rubbed on clothes.

4 oz. Bar     $6.00     Buy Now

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Cocoa Natural Soap


Cocoa Soap – Mixture of dark cocoa powder, which is full of natural antioxidants, enhances collagen production, and has energizing ingredients.

3 oz Boutique Size     $6.60     Buy Now

For those who love chocolate – Cocoa Soap is also available in the Chocolate Lovers Gift Box.

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Cocoa Butter Natural Soap


Cocoa Butter Soap – maximum moisturizing

Cocoa butter, but no coconut oil. Coconut oil is used in many soaps for the lathering quality, but if you are sensitive to coconut then this is the natural soap for you. Natural ingredients that provide less lathering and more moisturizing.

3 oz. Bar     $5.70     Buy Now

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Ginger Citrus Natural Body Soap


Ginger Citrus Soap – use when the muscles ache.

Embodies ginger root oil to ease nausea and muscles aches, and sweet orange oil as an anti-inflammatory. Bathe those aching muscles with great smelling natural ingredients.

2.6 oz. Boutique Size     $5.50     Buy Now

4 oz. Bar                       $6.80     Buy Now

Love My Skin, natural, soap, resveratrol, natural ingredients,

Love My Skin Natural Soap


Love My Skin Soap – mood-elevating

A lovely composition of lavender and rose hip essential oils known for their skin repairing qualities, and ylang-ylang oil for its soothing, mood-elevating qualities.

2.7 oz. Boutique Size     $5.70     Buy Now

4 oz. Bar                      $6.80     Buy Now


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Mountain Meadow Natural Soap



Mountain Meadow Soap – stop and smell the flowers

A fun basic body soap made with lavender, rosehip, and cedarwood essential oils reminiscent of a flowery walk through a mountain meadow.

3.5 oz. Boutique Size     $5.80     Buy Now

4 oz. Bar                      $6.50      Buy Now


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Oily Acne Skin Natural Soap


Natural Soap for Oily/Acne Prone Skin

Do you have oily or acne prone skin? Are you looking for a natural alternative to the chemical based treatments? Then try this natural soap created with rosemary and tea tree oils as skin antiseptics and French clay to absorb excess oils.

3 oz. Boutique Size     $7.30     Buy Now

4 oz. Bar                    $7.90      Buy Now



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Old Fashioned Lilac Soap


Old Fashioned Lilac Soap – pure goodness

Like the old fashioned soap handcrafted by American homesteaders. Made with love and the natural scent of blooming lilacs.

4 oz.     Bar $7.50     Buy Now

scrubber, hand soap, natural, resveratrol, yucca fibers, bentonite clay, cedarwood, orange, peppermint,

Scrubber Hand Soap


Scrubber Soap – for dirty hands

Contains natural yucca fibers for extra scrubbing power, and bentonite clay to absorb grease and grime. Peppermint and cedarwood essential oils added for skin tightening.

4 oz.     Bar $7.50     Buy Now

Sensitive Skin, natural, soap, eczema, psoriasis, essential oils, bergamot, thyme, chamomile, lavender,,

Sensitive Skin Natural Soap


Sensitive Skin Soap – for eczema and psoriasis

Extraordinary soap for eczema and psoriasis type skin conditions. Contains lavender, chamomile oils, and colloidal oatmeal to sooth sensitive skin.

4 oz. Bar     $8.00     Buy Now


simply soap, natural, fragrance free, colloidal oatmeal, yucca, resveratrol,

Simply Soap


Simply Soap – fragrance free

Great natural soap for people who want to avoid fragrances, or are allergic to many of the additives contained in commercially available mass-produced soaps. Simply Soap contains no essential oils, or additives, except for colloidal oatmeal for gentleness.

4 oz. Bar     $5.50     Buy Now


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Southwest Cedar Sage Natural Soap


Southwest Cedar Sage Soap – invigorating

An all-natural soap reminiscent of the Old West with the invigorating and anti-microbial goodness of natural cedar oil and sage oils, along with our favorite ingredient – Yucca Plant.

4 oz.     Bar $6.50     Buy Now

star bright, natural, soap, annatto oil, yucca, essential oils, coconut, olive oil,

Star Bright Mood Enhancing Soap


Star Bright Soap – feel like a star

Brilliant mixture of yucca along with peppermint, jasmine, and bergamot oils known for their mood enhancing abilities.

2 oz. Boutique Size     $6.00     Buy Now

4 oz Bar                       $7.30     Buy Now

Handcrafted Soap – Natural Yucca Soaps are handcrafted – meaning they are hand poured into molds and are not injected into high pressure molds such as the commercial products are. With handcrafted soaps, there is usually a “rough edge.” Some soap makers will try and hide the rough edge with salts or other topical decoration. Whether obvious or hidden, know that a rough edge is an indicator of a real-handcrafted soap.


Soap Making Process – Handcrafted soaps can take up to 2 weeks to cure before they are ready for packaging. During this 2 week period depending on the natural environment, humidity will increase or decrease the drying time. Depending on the humidity during this period some soaps may create a slight haze on the surface. This does not affect how effective the soap will be. It is once again just an indicator of the handcrafted soap.

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