Press Release:

Slithering and Biting Risks

Hurricane Harvey Natural Relief Kits Being Sent to Hurricane Affected Area

FALCON, Colo. – August 30, 2017  — As the water recedes from Hurricane Harvey the snakes that were displaced during the flooding will be looking for places to slither into. Many of these places will be in and around homes. The stagnant water will also be a huge breeding ground for mosquitos.

Natural Yucca Products, a small Colorado company, makes products from natural earth friendly ingredients. Their snake repellent kit, natural mosquito repellent, along with a natural soap, and lip balm are being packaged into a Harvey Natural Relief Kit. Natural Yucca Products is shipping the Harvey Natural Relief Kits to local organizations for distribution in the hurricane affected area.

Michelle, the owner of Natural Yucca Products, and her crew are working hard at making and shipping product to the Harvey area – for free. However, as a small company Michelle states, “We only have the resources to be able to send a certain amount of the natural products and stay in business. One of our suppliers, JEdwards International, has donated the natural ingredients used in the snake and bug repellent products, so we can make more products to ship to the Hurricane Harvey area. We have also received funding from Liberty Capital and Colony Rx Pharmacy to help pay for the containers and shipping. A big thanks goes out to these companies. After the storm, the area will have huge risks of snake and insect bites that can make an individual’s situation worse. The package of natural products is intended to reduce the additional risks to the people in the hurricane area.”

Between the rescue and the re-building the people in the area will be faced with many hurdles. Bug and snake repellent may seem like a minor issue, but considering Zika, West Nile Disease, snake bits, and other health issues, it will be a major concern for the people living under those circumstances. There have been a number of national news reports discussing these issues and with the assistance of others Natural Yucca Products has provided their knowledge and capabilities to assist.

For more details about this effort, or how your organization can assist with the Harvey Natural Relief Kits, contact Michelle.