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Natural Soaps – Bar and Boutique Sizes

  1. Anti-bacterial Soap – tough on germs.
  2. Bug Repellent Soap – Soap that repels bugs.
  3. Cocoa Butter Soap – Maximum moisturizing.
  4. Cocoa Soap Soap – Chocolate aroma.
  5. Ginger Citrus Soap – Eases muscles aches.
  6. Love My Skin Soap – Mood-elevating.
  7. Mountain Meadow Soap – Like a flowery walk.
  8. Oily/Acne Skin Soap Facial Soap – Have blemishes?
  9. Old Fashioned Lilac Soap – Scent of lilacs.
  10. Scrubber Soap – For dirty hands.
  11. Sensitive Skin Soap – Great for eczema and psoriasis.
  12. Simply Soap – Fragrance free.
  13. Southwest Cedar Sage Soap – Invigorating.
  14. Star Bright Soap – Mood enhancing.


Natural Lip Balms

1. Peppermint Lip Balm – Cooling freshness.
2. Citrus Lip Balm – Crisp citrus.
3. Chocolate Lip Balm – Chocolate aroma.
4. Sun Blocking Lip Balm – Sun-blocking protection.
5. Vanilla Lavender Lip Balm – Relaxing.
6. Lavandin Lip Therapy Lip Balm – Similar to cold sore ointments.


Natural Body Products

  1. Lavender Body Mist – Easy to apply moisturizing spray.
  2. Itch Relief – Soothing anti-inflammatory.
  3. Liquid Hand Sanitizer – No water natural cleanliness.
  4. Spray Hand Sanitizer – Convenient no water natural cleanliness.
  5. Foot Scrub – Leaves feet feeling fresh.
  6. Foot Powder (Anti-fungal) – Fights foot odor.
  7. Natural Foot Care Kit – 5 products in travel pouch.
  8. Outdoor Bath Kit – Perfect for hiking, backpacking, camping, biking, hunting, and fishing.


Pets-n-Pests Natural Products

  1. Dog Soap – Can be used outdoors.
  2. Bug Repellent Spray – DEET-free environmentally safe.
  3. Snake Repellent Oil Blend – Keep snakes away.
  4. Snake Repellent Oil Blend Kit – Keep snakes away – Kit.
  5. Snake Repellent Spray Concentrate Kit – Refillable sprayer to keep snakes away.


Essential Oils – ½ oz (15ml) bottle, includes eyedropper. 100% Pure.

  1. Bergamot – Used for: odor, infection fighter
  2. Cedarwood – Used for: fungal, skin irritations.
  3. Clove Bud – Used for: insect bites, and antiseptic.
  4. Eucalyptus – Used for: sinus decongestant, cough suppressant.
  5. Frankincense – Used for: reduce wrinkles, scars.
  6. Geranium – Used for: stress, tension.
  7. Ginger – Used for: anxiety, anxiousness.
  8. Lavandin – Used for: cold sores, joint pain.
  9. Lavender (Bulgarian) – Used for: sleep aid, acne.
  10. Lemon – Used for: disinfectant.
  11. Lemon Eucalyptus – Used for: inflammation, bug repellent.
  12. Lemongrass – Used for: deodorizer, bug repellent.
  13. Peppermint – Used for: sore muscles, mental focus.
  14. Rosehip – Used for: scars, stretch marks, and sunburns.
  15. Rosemary – Used for: muscle aches, mental alertness
  16. Sage – Used for: antioxidant, anti-aging.
  17. Sweet Orange – Used for: ease anxiety, stress.
  18. Tea Tree (Australian) – Used for: to treat acne.
  19. Thyme – Used for: mental alertness.
  20. Ylang-ylang – Used for: mood booster.


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     Body Butters
     Natural Liquid Soaps


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