“Every winter, my lips get so chapped & cracked, it hurts to eat or talk!!  Your lip balm has helped more than anything I have tried (and I practically collect lip balm!!)  I think it is in part due to my food allergies but then Colorado dry air certainly does a number on it as well.”  – C.S.


Natural Peppermint Lip Balm with Yucca

Peppermint Lip Balm made with yucca and other natural Ingredients.



Peppermint Lip Balm – Yucca, peppermint and other natural ingredients make a healthy and soothing lip balm.

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Also available in the Outdoors Gift Box.

Citrus lip balm containing yucca natural ingredients

Citrus Lip Balm made with yucca and other natural ingredients.


Citrus Lip Balm – A fantastic tangy zest for your lips.

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Also available in the Outdoors Gift Box.

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Chocolate Natural Lip Balm made with yucca and other natural ingredients.

Chocolate Lip Balm – all natural with the aroma we all love – chocolate.

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Also available in the Chocolate Gift Box.

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Sun Blocking Lip Balm

Sun Blocking Lip Balm – all natural lip balm with the added benefit of zinc oxide for sun-blocking protection.

Also available in the Outdoors Gift Box.

Natural Yucca Lip Balms can be purchased individually, added to custom gift sets, or bought in quantities for wholesale pricing (a variety of retail displays are available).
We can also accommodate those wanting private labeling.

Natural vs. Commercial

A common ingredient in commercial lip balms is Octinoxate, which the Dermatology Review warns against long-term use due to how it accumulates in the body. Our lip balm consists of only 5 ingredients – coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, an essential oil, and yucca powder. These ingredients combine to create a gentle yet protective all-natural moisturizer for your lips. Learn more about the benefits of Yucca!
Handcrafted products, made by Natural Yucca Products, allow beneficial ingredients to be used and the commercial synthetics to be left out. This provides you a healthier alternative.
No artificial colorants or fragrances are used. The colors of our products come from the different combinations of base oils, natural clay powders, and the yucca powder itself. The fragrances of our products are due to the beneficial essential oils added to our various products.