Generate Profits – Naturally


Natural products are popular and trending upward among health-conscious consumers. It is a strong market for millennials who will become the largest purchasing demographic.

Mass produced products filled with synthetics, preservatives, and unhealthy chemicals are less expensive. Despite that consumers have been willing to pay more for healthier products that are not mass produced. People are becoming more aware of paying a little more now compared to having health issues later. Due to this, selling more expensive natural products will not hurt a retailer’s profits. In fact, considering the demographics of their targeted audience, it could dramatically increase both the store’s profit margins and new customer traffic.

Wholesale, Drop Shipping, Private Labeling – Benefits of Buying Direct:
1. Generate higher profit margins when working directly with the manufacturer.
2. No middle men.
3. No vendor cutting into margins on the mass-produced products.
4. No price matching, because it is your product.
5. Ability to start slow and see how your brand sells.
6. Natural products will be viewed as superior to mass produced products.

We don’t just sell products. We work with people. When you are ready to introduce your customers to private labeled natural bath, body, skin care, and consumer products we would be excited to work with you. To generate new profits for your store contact us today to see how we can be part of your team.


Natural Yucca Products provides wholesale bath, body, and skin care products for both small and large retailers who are looking for superior products targeted for the health conscience, earth friendly lifestyle, and natural products demographics. We work with qualified retailers in providing natural products priced to generate healthy profits for the retailer. A simple application gets the process started. A minimum first order of $200.00 is required. With the quality of the products, the growing demand for natural products, and the profits you will experience, there is no need for us to set a minimum on additional orders.

Drop Shipping

We also offer drop shipping services. This service allows both local and on-line retailers the ability to generate profits without buying or managing inventory. The retailer sets the price. When an order is received the retailer then places an order with Natural Yucca Products. We ship the product to the store or directly to the customer. The retailer keeps the difference between the wholesale and retail price. We become your fulfilment center – with no overhead cost to you.

Private Labeling

Private labeling is when products are made by one company, then labeled for a specific retailer. Retailers can have their own brand to compete against the mass produced products, or introduce a product line they may not otherwise carry. Whether an independent location, or a small chain, private labeling can provide credibility to the retailer when consumers see they have invested in their own line of products to compete against large global corporations.

Private Labeling is a cost-effective strategy for retailers to have their own product line without investing in their own manufacturing facility. Natural Yucca Products works with retailers in providing private labeling to retailers who want to both generate a nice profit and promote the retailer’s business every time the consumer uses the product.

Affiliate Sales

Affiliate Sales Programs allow a practitioner, a retailer, an on-line business, or a person, to earn a commission selling products. An Affiliate is just another name for a sales person. There is no inventory to buy, or manage.

Affiliates market by using web pages, social media, banner ads, e-mails, etc., and traditional forms of marketing. An Affiliate uses their efforts to drive traffic to our web site. Software automatically tracks the activity, and when the customer buys, the Affiliate earns a commission.

If you want to generate more profits, without out owning inventory, making customer calls, or doing follow ups, then becoming an Affiliate of Natural Yucca Products may be an answer. It is easy to sign up and you can start earning extra money today.

When you are ready to start generating profits with
Natural Yucca Products, or just have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today.