Press Release: August 30, 2017 Slithering and Biting Risks


Hurricane Harvey Natural Relief Kits

Kit Contains:
Natural Insect Repellent
Natural Snake Repellent
Natural Soap
Natural Lip Balm
All ingredients are environmentally safe and earth friendly.


Between the rescue and the re-building the people in the area will be faced with many hurdles. Bug and snake repellent may seem like a minor issue, but considering Zika and other health issues, it will be a major concern for the people living under those circumstances. Natural Yucca Products will make and provide Harvey Natural Relief Kits for the next several months. Corporate and Individual donors will be recognized and thanked on the Natural Yucca Products web site and social media.

Sponsor a kit for $21.00 (this would normally be a $36.72 retail value). The package can be shipped with a note stating who the individual, company, or organization is who sponsored that package making the sentiment more personal for the family receiving the kit.

Spread the word with your social media, so more people know how they can help.

For more details about how your organization can assist with the Harvey Natural Relief Kits, contact Michelle at Natural Yucca Products.

Thank You Sponsors

For Supporting Our

Hurricane Harvey Natural Relief Kits


Huge thanks! Jedwards International donated natural ingredients used in making the Natural Bug Repellent Spray and the Natural Snake Repellent Kits for the Hurricane Harvey area.            jedwards, international,

Big Shout out to Peter Saad at Colony RX for the contribution, which will allow Natural Yucca Products the ability to ship more of the Natural Bug and Snake Repellent Kits to the Hurricane Harvey area.

Thank you Liberty Capital Funding for helping fund Natural Bug and Snake Repellent Kits for those affected by the storm.

Shout out to Calvin from Colorado for sponsoring a Natural Bug and Snake Repellent Kit for someone in the hurricane area.

Thank you Pharmacy Valuations for your contribution to our efforts in getting the Hurricane Harvey Natural Relief Kits to the people who can really use them.

Thanks to Woodmen Valley Chapel who sent a volunteer crew to the hurricane area and took a batch of the Natural Bug Insect Repellent Spray with them to hand out.